Free First Session for Woman's Spiritual Expansion Group


Free First Session for Woman's Spiritual Expansion Group


We are offering the first session, in a six month 18 session course, for free.  Click through the Paid in Full and Monthly Payment options to see the bonuses included in each plan. 

I'll try it!

Woman’s Online Spiritual Expansion Group starts on October 26th at 7:00 pm EST. It will last 6 months, enough time to work thru the daily demands of our life and internalize more personally authentic spiritual practices. It will be full of tools, experiences and fun (laughter is a necessity/requirement) to help you achieve your goal.

In this group you will:

· Create a sense of clarity about your ongoing relationship with spirituality

· Discover some essential building blocks for staying in the fluidity of your spirituality for good

· Learn the blocks stopping you from having a healthy, easy relationship with spirituality

· Complete the 6 months with the excitement of knowing what to do next to step into the wildness of your spiritual life