Could You Embrace That? St Thomas Aquinas

Could you embrace that?

I said to God, ‘Let me love you.’

And he replied, ‘Which part?’

‘All of you, all of you.’ I said.

‘Dear’ God spoke, ‘You are as a mouse wanting to impregnate

a tiger who is not even in heat. It is a feat way

beyond your courage and strength.

You would run from me

if I removed my


I said to God again,

‘Beloved I need to love you – every aspect, every pore.’

And this time God said,

‘There is a hideous blemish on my body,

though it is such an infinitesimal part of my Being-

could you kiss that if it were revealed?’

‘I will try, Lord, I will try.’

And then God said,

‘That blemish is all the hatred and

 cruelty in this


From ‘Love Poems From God‘ by Daniel Ladinsky. 
Copyright © 1999 by Daniel Ladinsky. Reprinted by permission of the author.

These Poems

These poems
they are things that I do
in the dark
reaching for you
whoever you are
are you ready?
These words
they are stones in the water
running away
These skeletal lines
they are desperate arms for my longing and love.
I am a stranger
learning to worship the strangers
around me
whoever you are
whoever I may become.

— Things That I Do in the Dark (1977) Directed by Desire. The Collected Poems of June Jordan. (2005)

What practices bring you joy and life?

What are the experiences and activities that bring you life and joy?

This morning, as my yoga students were resting in shivasana and the air was thick with Presence and practice, I realized teaching was my current favorite spiritual practice. Through a guided meditation, a few of them hopped into the trough of my own practice and achieved a deeper meditation than they could have on their own. I was joyous at what they tasted, hoping it would be salt to further their own yoga and meditation.

Afterwards, I enjoyed what Friends would call an opportunity and listened to a student, laboring with a spiritual birth of truth and integration. Helping them name their experience, and their longing.

Soul gardening, tending to the inner landscape of the soul, is a joy. My spiritual practices help me to live into that vocation with integrity and truth. The teaching of it has become my current favorite spiritual practice.

What practices bring you joy and life?